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by RevBabyKiller

Part 80

I thought I entered the Shadows four hours ago when I walked through the purple portal into the realm....the realm of shadows. I guess this next area must be even shadowiery

Don't play games with me Zhul!

Well that's not helpful at all. You're even worse than that awful yang door

So if I stray from the path I'll be destroyed. Fair enough. [Columbo Mode] Um, just one more thing...what is he planning on doing to me if I do just walk right up to him without straying from the path? Rewarding me with a rousing song and dance number? Because staying on the path or not I can't see things ending well for us

Simpsons did it!

The Gatekeeper fades away and the door swings open. What wonderous wonders await us on the next level of Khull-Khum's Keep?

Another door. Wonderful

Another level, another door. But this time with bonus cowardice

More stairs, more whining

Are you just gonna whine all day Goomba or are you going to contribute something? You've been in the team for fifteen minutes, we've killed one dude, and already you're bitching

And just like that he's gone, which marks the short and rather pointless companionship of the most pointless character in the game