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Part 81

Now that Wahookas gone, I'm going to head back down to the first floor and do some old fashioned wall poking

New enemy type, the fire stick! Scintillating battles follow, involving the throwing of fire at us by it and the throwing of magic faerie bolts and arrows at it by us. Roughly a thousand times.

And with that, Enigma fired a single arrow down the hallway. Where I come from yelling stop is immediately followed by someone else yelling "hammer time" and then the sound of a dozen eyes rolling in unison. But what did Enigma fire at? These questions revealed in the screen directly below

Oh, he killed a dwarf. No biggie, good thing I didn't save Farley from that locked room in the last level, cause he'd probably be pissed (Farley replaces Sweetie or whatever her stupid name was, and since he's a melee character and virtually worthless now I left him to rot)

Acting strangely" as motive for preventative murder? I like where this is going

Just beyond that slain dwarf fellow there's a door that leads to this inviting little place

"Dark Dwarves", I wonder if they're evil. Subtlety must be as foreign to dwarves as sex appeal

Their sentry is guarding their camp by facing away from the only entrance. It's a wonder Enigma didn't just outright kill him as well

Axe attack from behind! Why oh why doesn't anyone in my party ever look backwards!

Whoops, wrong faerie ball blasts

These poor, manipulated creatures. It's obvious that they are being forced to attack me because of a spell cast on them or something. Maybe after they're all dead I can look into this further

A ha! This peculiar looking shrine may be the underlying cause of their feral aggression and subsequent deaths by fireball!

With one well placed blow I defeat the defenseless old timey mind control station! The dwarves will be so happy they'll shower me with oh wait they're all dead oh well maybe next time

This is probably the most cryptic clue in the game if you do it the "wrong" way (ie murder all those dwarves). There's a hidden panel on the first level of Khull-Khum's keep that is a 4x4 grid that you have to select the proper pieces to unlock a door somewhere else. Lucky for me I vaguely remember the solution from when I played it way back in the long long ago

This here hole is a trap. The lever that suspicious dwarf was standing next to activates it, which would cause us to fall ass first into a swarm of dwarves. Also it would allow us access to the mind control device without having to kill everyone. Nice try dwarfie!

Here it is!

And here's a solution that is entirely incorrect! Fuck you memory!

More exciting wanderings in the land of ghost walls and cryptic puzzles

Inside on of those hidden walls I happened across an ankh, which probably has a long and storied history that will now be revealed to us

or not