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by RevBabyKiller

Part 83

Prophecies appear to be much the same as assholes, in that I seem to be continually encountering them. Now we have ourselves a bit of a standoff, what with him wanting the orbs and me wanting him not to have the orbs at all. It's a rivetting test of wills!

Makes about as much sense as anything else I've been told so far

Of course you now my plans, you've been popping up every ten minutes to shake your fist angrily at me and teleport away. If you even pretended not to know my plans I'd probably be too concerned with your state of mind to attack you. Thanks for the advice on the temple

How about a compromise. You can have the shittiest orbs and continue ruling underworld street in the middle of nowheresville here, and I get to go back to my body

That wasn't the deal! That wasn't the deal at all! You're not the upstanding orb broker I thought you were!

Well that can't be good. Not for me at least.

Whoa now, you shouldn't be the one casting aspersions about who is or isn't treacherous. I seem to recall you welshing on a deal you made not more than fifteen seconds ago!

Your trustworthiness is matched only by your patience

The alternative, as I recall from earlier in the conversation, was an eternity in darkness.

Let's make with the fighting!

Lucky for me he built his throne room in a loop. And now we play the back-peddle while blasting away game

Sure he may have a series of one hit kill attacks, but I've got something more valuable on my side. Underdog status

20 or so minutes of repetitive withdrawing and blasting and healing and blasting, me the elf and the brownie grow tired of our cowardice and decide it's time to take a last valiant stand and slay that bastard or die trying!

And that's when we died