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Part 84

Alternatively, there's a sneaky back door (and by door I of course mean teleportation wall)

into Khull-Khum's room that allows access to those fancy holes in the floor from other directions (through a series of ghost walls)

Those holes are used by dropping one of the four silver things into them which turns it into a pillar, like so:

The stage is set for a less confrontational showdown, one with more teary eyes and hands thrown in the air in disgust

Skipping his earlier "submit to my will or perish" speeches brings us to:

I'm gonna make him say ankhle! Ho ho, ho ho, hey lighten up Mr Here Is Where My People Died, it's just a joke

Ruh Roh!

Khull-Khum, you card. Even now he has to get one last angry fist shake in

And then came the darkness, enveloping the King of Shadows for some reason.

Empty suit of armor reduced to the world's heaviest basketball

It's just like that other tele-portation wall, only this time it apparently leads to Thera's magnificent temple of resplendent glory

But Why? Surely there must be room enough for two?

To that place where your family is oh god this is awkward your entire race is dead and your home is a frozen corner of the ice realm where you were trapped against your will well now isn't this embarrassing

Good luck with all that

Now I see why Enigma didn't want to come into Thera's temple. It's kind of a dive

Here's where a thorough knowledge of astronomy can come in handy. The key here is putting the nine orbs in order from the sun


Wait, I put your damn planets in the order! Basically!

Who's that handsome devil! I remember you from such movies as the intro video to Stonekeep, and pretty much nothing else!

And I'm not dead or anything. Huzzah!

What's this! The Stonekeep hole is glowing orange! This makes it all worthwhile

Not only orange, but also brought back up to the surface. The sheer logistics of how this will affect all of the other interconnected levels are mind-boggling

Gorgeous. Almost enough to make you forget that every inhabitant but me was mercilessly wiped out and that it's filled with rotting ant carcasses

Remember me?

Elizabeth the Apple Girl is an alright name, but I know now that my first born child will have to be named WolfDrake's Dog, regardless of sex

I hope Ardwight Chamberlain's vocal chords were surgically removed and frozen after this game to allow for future generations to create programs that will be capable of translating every known word from every known language into Enigma-ese

Melodee, classic

And that's the last time I'll ever have to Wahooka again. Until I play through it again for nostalgia's sake in another twelve years


I haven't tried making these, but now I feel honor bound to for the novelty factor. Imagine how cool it would be to offer someone a muffin, and if they like it and comment on it you can shoot back "They're the Shadowking's Favorites" and stand there with a goofy grin on your face while they look confused and try to keep the conversation moving along. Good times ahead.

I'm not saying I'm not a manly man, but this last screen just chokes of that book about the Little Engine That Could that features him failing miserably resulting in the death of his closest friend. I don't know what other stories were left to tell, but if they featured Drake and Enigma traveling around killing lesser species I would be all for it. I need closure on that final screen!