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by RevBabyKiller

Part 11

Beating off four shargas at once turns out to be much harder than I was originally anticipating. It's a good thing I come from such a robust lineage, my incredible healthiness means I'm sure to come through this still in fighting shape!

1 health still leaves a little wiggle room. It was close, sure, but it could have been closer. I'm not too concerned. Certainly it doesn't herald an overall weakening on my part

You again. You're quickly traversing the gap from oddity to mild annoyance to raging irritation of itchy swollen crotch proportions. I'll give you more, more upside your head!

It's official, you've got the "pop-in and dispense worthless advice" market all sewn up since Thera got balled.

Look at all this progress, I'm flying along. The ghost walls show up as the blue segments on the map, depending on whether you can or can not see them. If you can't just pretend I made the whole thing up

Here we happen upon another goopile, gooing it up in it's natural goo habitat. Soon I will return to kill the shit out of that thing and see what gootreasures reside within, but for now I've got a date with a room full of seemingly unending serpent attacks

Hello beautiful, you're much friendlier than all of those other snakes that like to play "got your nose" with me. Too bad for you I'm a completionist. Kill one, gotta kill 'em all (unless they surrender and rub their heads while moaning adorably and I can mock them relentlessly, making me feel like a big man. Good times)

A magestic creature is being slaughtered into extinction. It would be tragic if they weren't all douches

I haven't seen snakes this thoroughly beaten since Elizabeth's $1 handies in the orchard back in the day

Remember me, goo? I don't care if there were two of you who just seemed to mysteriously inhabit the same space or split off or whatever the hell it is you goo do on your free time, your reign of mild-nausea inducing terror is over!

Oh ho, a key! The shargas were fools to entrust you with its keeping. Although its wise in the sense that you can't actually use the key because you're so damn short. This will require some serious consideration in the future. But first, time to check out what's in the locked room next to this one. You know, the one that sounds like something is pacing around inside

By the fiery ballsack of Marif, a Dwarf! He seems like he'd rather talk than fight, but could this all be a clever ruse to trick me into lowering my guard so he can steal my sack of rocks? I sure as shit intend to find out or lose all of my belongings trying!