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by TheMcD, Anaxite

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Original Thread: Four Stories, One Nightmare. Let's Play Stories Untold!



What's all this then?

Stories Untold is an episodic horror adventure-puzzle video game developed by Scottish indie development team No Code and published by Devolver Digital, released for PC/Mac in 2017 and the Switch/PS4/XBox One in 2020. It's a fairly short romp through some scenarios centering around technology from the 80s. The first part of this game, "The House Abandon", was released in 2016 as part of Ludum Dare 36 and was eventually developed into this full game. I believe at some point during the videos I mention something about a Kickstarter or something, but it seems I was mistaken on that part, and it was just a prelude.

What will this LP be like?

Standard fare VLP. Of course, as I've already seen this game several times, it wouldn't be too fun if the only one playing this horror game already knows the scares, so I've brought along Anaxite to see this game for the first time.

That logo looks familiar...

The logo and cover art we see on the title screen is, in fact, made by Kyle Lambert, the artist that also worked on Stranger Things. Some degree of resemblance is probably intentional, given that both have a strong connection to the 80s.

Anything else?

Yes. For one, :siren: EPILEPSY WARNING! :siren:
This game has some segments that go very hard on the flashing images. I am not an expert on this matter, so I would say that if you are in doubt, I would just say you should take the safe option and just not watch. However, in addition, I will also be posting an "epilepsy advisory" under spoiler tags with every video, where I will be giving you timestamps for moments I consider to be bad. So you can use those to avoid those moments.
Furthermore, this is a horror game. As such, it has moments designed to startle. And I will admit, I am very bad with being startled, and I know there's more people like me out there. So if you would like to enjoy watching the game, but could do without being startled, then I will give you a "startle advisory" under each video, giving timestamps for startling moments in that video.
Otherwise, nothing much else. This game is best experienced without knowing what's coming - though as I've just established with the advisories, experiencing it with a bit of an idea what's coming is still better than not experiencing it at all. Still, if you can, just go right in.

Spoiler policy?

No spoilers past where we're at, even under tags. The game is four short episodes, just keep yourself contained, alright?
And with that, let's kick things off.

Epilepsy advisory: None in this episode.
Startle advisory: 12:15-12:30 | 16:10-16:25 | 19:46-20:00

Epilepsy advisory: 18:10-18:40 | 18:50-19:00 | 19:20-20:00 | 21:30-21:55 | 23:55-24:30 | 26:15-26:45 | 27:40-30:15
Startle advisory: 18:30-18:35 | 19:40-19:55 | 21:35-21:45 | 24:00-24:20 | 26:20-26:40

Epilepsy advisory: None in this episode.
Startle advisory: 26:05-26:10 | 36:10-36:20

Epilepsy advisory: 03:35-04:00 | 34:20-34:50
Startle advisory: 03:55-04:00 | 33:55-34:05

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