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by Psychedelic Eyeball

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Original Thread: The Hard Games Thread!

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Street Fighter 2010 is a NES game that was made and released by Capcom in 1990. The game was created as a spinoff of the arcade Street Fighter game that was made back in 1987... at least in America. The game, as it was released in Japan, had absolutely nothing to do with Street Fighter, as it depicted the story of a cyborg policeman named Kevin Striker who has to counter a dangerous viral epidemic that can turn people in fearsome beasts. But for some weird reason, the US localization team decided to base the events twenty years later in the Street Fighter universe and Kevin Striker became Ken, who for some reason decided to become a scientist after retiring from the Street Fighting tournaments.

Yeah, that sounds fully believable. You really want this guy in a lab coat, wearing glasses and mixing solutions in a lab. All while keeping this stance.

Either way, the game itself is a side-scroller game that really doesn't play like Street Fighter at all. You are thrown in many battle arenas around the galaxy and you must defeat a series of enemies or bosses in order to collect their energy in order to warp through the galaxy, tracking down the villain who killed your partner, Troy, and stole a dangerous chemical that can be used to no good. The 5 planets you will be visiting are pretty surrealistic and bizarre, you will be fighting all kind of robots, plants, and really bizarre looking creatures that defy categorization.

The game is pretty damn hard mainly due to a few reasons. First of all, the controls can be quite tricky at first. There's nothing too intuitive with the controls at first and you'll be struggling at first to do many of the actions the game requires you to do, like clinging to a wall or ceiling, do a diagonal kick up in the air by pushing down and B, only being able to punch once in the air, and so on. Also, the many foes you'll fight in the game are very hard to deal with and require a lot of patience. Some levels later on will also require some neat acrobatic moves in order for you to stay alive. At least you aren't completely defenseless: there are powerups in almost every stage of the game that boost your attack power, which will allow you to punch enemies from really far away, but be careful; dying will make you lose all power you obtained. The game's courteous enough to give you infinite continues, so with enough perseverance, you will reach the end of this game.

But just in case you don't have this perseverance, watch as I play through this game for Dectilon's thread.


Planet 1 - Cityscape PlanetYouTube
Planet 2 - Green, Green and More Green PlantsYouTube
Planet 3 - Planet Sanddune (yeah, really!)YouTube
Planet 4 - Waterworld Without a BudgetYouTube
Planet 5 - Don't Blow Your (Spinning) Top, Everything's Under ControlYouTube
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