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Part 3: S01E03: 1956.10.29 (Yet again)

S01E03: 1956.10.29 (Yet again)
I was going to play a few missions off-screen before the next video, and show only the map changes and statistics, but things happened in mission 3, and there was stuff to talk about.

At 16:12 we are sent to bomb a very silly target in an enemy airbase.
Meanwhile, the Israeli tanks flat out ignore the Egyptian units on the shore, even though each has only about 10 tanks against our bundles of 30.

The mission video

In which there are fields of smouldering wreckage and a tale of bitter revenge

A somewhat relevant wiki link: a Split S to save your ass.

Post-video 6 planes lost: 2 pilots captured, 2 MIA (one doesn't simply go missing in a desert), 2 wounded, which means they'll slowly recover and rejoin the active roster. I said, the casualties will skyrocket, but not so fast, dammit. And I didn't expect 20 enemy planes to turn up just to meet us.