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Part 4: S01E04: 1956.10.30

S01E04: 1956.10.30
I skip two completely pointless missions, that took place on 1956.10.29, and show the maps. Both missions were done in 8-plane groups, and we scored no kills.

At 16:21 we went to bomb a Comm Building (aka radio shack). One plane lost.

At 15:58 we were sent to bomb a specific fuel tank on an airbase. Those are my favourite strike targets, because you can kill the tank with guns and use the bombs/rockets on the rest of the base. No parked planes, but I did burn a hangar. No friendly losses.

Finally, the new day begins. We still have 15 planes, even though yesterday we started with 16 and lost 10. The Israeli supply system works in mysterious ways.

Bomber intercept. Unusual for our squadron, but should not be much of challenge, in theory.

The mission video
- Weeeeeee! Look at my smoke trail, guys!

In which silver planes blend in with the background, and a strong argument for switching to jets is delivered along with some bombs

4 kills in one day mission, with no losses.

P.S. Found a capture from one of the unsuccessful attempts to record the test video.
Can you spot the problem?

BTW, that water in the test clip? We'll never see it until the Northern Sabre campaign. It's a one-map deal.