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Part 100: S17E03: 1979.09.20 (The Fleet Offender)

S17E03: 1979.09.20 (The Fleet Offender)

"You should be women, and yet your Bear-Ds forbid me to interpret that you are so"
William ShakesBear-D

Still morning

The Red bases now have more Flogger and Fishbed squadrons, a new Blue tank unit has landed at the NATO base.

The mission video

In which they still try to take a peek at out fleet

Efficient, but dull. Somehow, it's medal-worthy too.

The out-take video

In which things go slightly worse


It's time to create a few diving spots by sinking the second Soviet fleet.

The mission video

In which I learn to stop worrying, and love the Bear-D

Another raid like this one, and I'll have to carry the Phoenix.