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Part 101: S17E04: 1979.09.20-21 (Guns, Guns, Phoenix)

S17E04: 1979.09.20-21 (Guns, Guns, Phoenix)

Skipping 1 mission in which 2 used 3 Sparrows to bring down 1 Bear-D. That's all that happened, 4 real.

1979.09.20 Evening

The Blue tanks are finally rolling out. We're going to weed through the disturbed flocks of MiGs.

The mission video

In which we finally run into enough targets

Deadly, but we need to try harder.

1979.09.21 Dawn

We're pushing them back! This might yet go better for Iceland than their Eurovision track record.

The mission video

Argh, not "Fiddler", but "Fitter".

In which there is much jam and gnashing of teeth

So, they call themselves Black "Aces", huh...

For using a $0.5 million missile to bring down a $1-2 million plane