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Part 105: S18E03: 1982.06.08 (No Kfir)

S18E03: 1982.06.08 (No Kfir)


We're going mountain hiking.

94 tanks. Jazz hands are a threat and must be stopped!

The mission video

In which I rant about a reason I don't use mods (not pictured)

It would've been so much better if I had a rocket chair.

Heh. Tsiddon is wounded, or maybe it's just a sunstroke.


No carrier groups = no challenge in anti-shipping.

The mission video

In which we stay out of the actual battle

Not the worst day, not the best day. A day.

After the fall of Beirut the game switches us to bombing all of those Syrian air bases. Riveting. I'll try to finish off the campaign in the next update and take the Kfir for a special trip. I need to dig up my WoE and WoV, too.