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Part 107: Bonus 4: Generation One

Bonus 4: Generation One

For completion's sake let's take a look at a couple of planes that didn't make it through the upgrade. For that I'll just boot up the shabby old Wings over Vietnam, and...

Is... Is that graphics design? An actual background that is not blurred screenshots? A multiplayer option?

The hangar interface pretends to be a blackboard?

USN and USAF have different backgrounds?
What else is there?

The proper name for the air defence hunt.

The roster is a blackboard with newspaper clippings around it

The briefing map is set up in the projection room

What? The briefing text actually informs me about visibility?

Yeah! Can't have a flight sim without the shades. Let's take a bomber for an airing

The old times video

In which our plane might as well be a Cessna

What's in that cardboard box, I wonder. I also wonder how could the three guys at Third Wire draw it all.

There used to be more of them. And TK wasn't an art designer.
But wait! There's more!

Hey, beta testers. Haven't seen that line in a long time. Most of them are modders.

Let's go to Wings over Europe, then. The first game to use the music Third Wire has plugged into every jet release ever since.

Right, this is more like the current backgrounds. The menu itself is pretty sweet, though.

Don't tease me, game. I know, the target photos are just ornaments.

Huh, the Harrier has a funny perspective. Is the pilot dropped into the seat by a crane?

No shades, and we're hovering again.

The old times video

In which we remember the AIM-9B

I see some losses. What about the second page?

"Kout for the interface art." Is that a thanks section with no "thanks"?
Kout is a deity of interface modders, who probably knows the Third Wire's menu scripts better than the developers.

After this I went back to SF2NA to idle and see, if the credits list there has a second page.
It doesn't.