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Part 108: Season 19. The Lebanon War (F-16A)

Season 19. The Lebanon War - A Viper's Bite (F-16A)

Same intro as the last time, but now we'll join the Knights of the North squadron, because I assume they are in the north and don't have to trek across Israel to get to the action.

S19E01: 1982.06.06 (Overstocked)


Hava nagila! We're so close, if we ever get sent on SEAD I'll probably start firing ARMs right after the take-off.

Unfortunately, Hava Nagila does not play in SF2:Israel, when you succeed in a mission

They'd better give me a good reason not to use the Mavericks, because we're literally sitting on hundreds of them.

The unit comes with a pre-fab ace, Amir Nahumi. He got his 7 kills on the Phantom during the Yom Kippur War. First feat: taking off with the wingman against the issued orders seconds before the runway got wasted by the initial bombing raids.

The mission video

In which a new pattern is emerging

I thought getting medals in the IDF is hard, yet...


I really missed killing tanks.

The mission video

In which I still have trouble scoring

AGM is for Absolute Ground Massacre.