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Part 109: S19E02: 1982.06.07 (NovaLogic-style)

S19E02: 1982.06.07 (NovaLogic-style)

Just skip to the second video.


Enough mud-moving. Let's shoot down some planes finally.

The mission video

In which there is a massive clusterfuck

Going by the kill/hit ratio even the colonel has problems with this many Blue fighters around.


We haven't seen much of the Syrian capital yet.

The mission video

In which there are many explosions

No medal? Seriously? Is that because of the palace? Or is it because I scraped the tail so hard against the runway on take-off they counted my plane as damaged?
Anyway, note the number of the cannon hits

I mentioned another attempt. This is what happened.

A Shilka happened.
After the hit I decided to drop my last Mk.84. As you know, the non-retarded bombs usually stay right below you.
That is why the retarded bombs were invented.

The plane was still good enough to eject from, but I'm not taking the POW ending.

P.S. So, what Block are we flying? What did I blow up? I'm also sure there are a lot of corrections to be made about the AIM-120.

Makrond posted:

The Netz you're flying is most likely a Block 10, as the Netzes were apparently built and shipped to Israel in 1980. There's no real difference between the Block 1, 5 and 10 variants except that the Block 5 and later have the low-visibility grey nosecone instead of black, some drainage holes in a few places where water would accumulate, and in the Block 10 a replacement of some titanium components with aluminium. Additionally some parts were simplified, combined or made more easily accessible to reduce overall maintenance time and particularly the time between sorties.

The early F-16s didn't actually have the avionics to launch and guide AIM-120 AMRAAMs or even Sparrows, hence why the radar is down between your legs rather than in a prominent position like on the F-15 - it was considered more of a situational awareness tool than a vital combat component.

As for Damascus, uh. Damascus is huge and I can't think of a landmark off the top of my head that dominates it like that. My guess would be something like the Citadel of Damascus, or some other fortress or gate left as a remnant from when Damascus was a walled city.