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Part 110: S19E03: 1982.06.08 (Final Approach)

S19E03: 1982.06.08 (Final Approach)

I decided to find out, what the huge building in the previous update was. I made a single mission, flew there, fired some rockets at it and checked the log after my Mystère was shredded by a Shilka. The building's name is Palace. Just Palace.


After the two previous outings I had reports of our ground offensives failing somewhere. We're going back to lend our troops a helping Maverick.

The mission video

In which we do it quickly

Uh, sorry, guys. I left some targets for you, but you were just lazy.


Too many tank units remain, so I might have to skip a mission later. For now, death.

The mission video

In which our Pythons choke MiGs like rabbits (with guns)

Haber, who used up all of his missiles yesterday, is now an ace. He's got 99 points in SKL, so that was probably bound to happen. The generated Israeli pilots are stupidly good.