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Part 111: S19E04: 1982.06.09 (The Last Itch)

S19E04: 1982.06.09 (The Last Itch)

I skip an unremarkable and successful CAS mission we flew in the morning. It was dull: I hit a bunch of T-62s, watched some T-72s, and gunned a T-54. The Syrian army is a rapidly shrinking tank museum.


Intercept? As long as no Kitchens are involved, I'm up for it.

The mission video

In which we check a few passports

The spirit of sharing prevailed today.

~Beyond time and space~

This is the closest you can get to post-game content in a sim, where everything is unlocked.

The mission video

In which, surprisingly, nothing unusual happens

Showing the stats, because 2Lt Wayne is a magician

~Meanwhile back in town~


Instead on advancing to the 10th of June, we get another assignment on the 9th. Everyone heads out in their nightcaps and pyjamas.

The mission video

In which is all ends

That was a good last hunt.

The overstaffed squadron celebrates. I only now noticed, that our historical ace started this campaign with 0 missions flown.

Same ending as earlier, and here's a reminder of what it looks like.

And that's the end of a quarter of a century of shooting planes. Will Third Wire get their shit (and their budget) together and come back? Will some other developer cover the same period with better game design? How long will it take to archive this LP? Where the fuck do I come from?
Time will tell, but for now