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Part 12: S02E02: 1956.10.29 (Twists of F8)

S02E02: 1956.10.29 (Twists of F8)
Strike Fighters: Project 1 was released eleven years ago, on the 27th of October 2002. The initial release was a bad start, as what hit the shelves was still a beta. Still, the series took off somehow.

We're resupplied back to 6 planes. The ground counters blocking the enemy in the east have less than 10 tanks each, so they can get overrun rather quickly.
Our mission is to intercept a Meteor flight coming in to bomb a neighbouring airfield. Perhaps, they were the ones who hit us, too. I assemble the 3+ kill team.
Also, in SF2 the closer the target is, the more of a clusterfuck the waypoints are.

The mission video

In which our flight almost gets a double-digit kill count

2 planes lost, one decent pilot wounded. One AI pilot becomes an ace with 7 kills total

Lesson of the day: a few half-arsed bursts in the first seconds of the fight can backfire massively ten minutes later.