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Part 13: S02E03: 1956.10.29 (Alarm!)

S02E03: 1956.10.29 (Alarm!)

Previously we intercepted a strike flight coming for our neighbours. This time we get a scramble mission, because the bombers are heading for us.
Also, as you see, the front line is moving. Regardless of your successes in dogfights, the ground combat is what determines the course of a war. When we did CAS missions, we could directly affect the outcome of battles. Now we can only kill things, that may or may not attack our tanks or our CAS flights. "Fighter pilots make movies; attack pilots make history."

The mission video

In which we have extreme difficulties hitting slow targets flying in a straight line

I don't like this squadron's performance one bit. Well, I liked that one bit in the previous mission, but it seems to be a fluke.

Ace, huh.

P.S. I'll be switching to rapid progression mode now: 1 episode per 6-7 missions. The idea is to have two more episodes with the Meteor, and then get to the first vote.