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Part 14: S02E04: 1956.10.31 (Falling Stars)

S02E04: 1956.10.31 (Falling Stars)
Don't you love gun jams, mid air collisions, missing vital components, and dead stick landings? Spooky, right?
So, here are six commented videos of various length and a somewhat escalating WTF factor.

A 1956.10.29

Israeli Meteors cross the waters to deliver us some free bombs. We negotiate for an early release and the termination of service, with all five planes at our disposal.

Going to town

Another 9-kill run. No losses. The squadron has a brand new ace pilot!

B 1956.10.30 05:59

Fighter Sweep over a battlefield is the closest a pure fighter gets to supporting ground war. We're not that pure, but for now it's the best chance we have. The front line is crawling closer.

Mopping up

Got promoted to Flying Officer, whatever that means.

One plane lost.

However, another pilot got enough kills for ace status!

C 1956.10.30 11:20

The enemy is pushed back. We sweep again.

Kill reel

Not completely worthless, but I had to abort and go back before I got the "Mission complete" message.

Two planes lost...

D 1956.10.30 13:08

Another intercept, but squadron strength has dropped to 4. No aces remain, except for our hero. That doesn't bode well.

Kill reel

Three of our planes went down the drain. Not a single scratch on normal pilots, but Karim spends the rest of the day in the hospital. This ace thing isn't working out...

E 1956.10.31 05:51

Squadron strength is down to 3. CAP with two planes might work, if our wreckage burns brightly enough to warn about the enemies' approach.

Kill reel, extended

NA kills are the stuff of legends: "- Did you use guns? Missiles? - Naah!"

F 1956.10.31 Morning-ish.
I'm not sure, what lets Egypt attack now. Perhaps, we shot down so many pilots, the squadrons are empty and can't provide CAS.

Speaking of CAS, we get a close air support assignment. Taking both of our remaining planes is risky, so I'll just quickly do it alone.

The mission video (A mission video?)

In which I start to miss HVAR

No need for stats. Debrief mentioned 11 targets destroyed, but I only wrecked one. The tank crews called me in merely for some moral support.