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Part 15: S02E05: 1956.11.02 (The Other End)

S02E05: 1956.11.02 (The Other End)
I'll use small map-only shots for the skipped missions. Dat front line!


1956.10.31 12:27 - A solo sweep over a battlefield area. 2 Mustangs down, then I got the fuck out, because Mysteres arrived.


1956.10.31 14:34 - A solo intercept - some idiot sent in two Mustangs with no cover. Got them both.
Promoted to Flight Lieutenant


1956.11.01 06:11 - A solo fighter sweep over a battle for Kuntilla. Another two Mustangs down.

Well, good for them, I guess. After Kuntilla our brave tanks spend the rest of the day trying to get a hold of Beersheva. Seriously.


1956.11.01 10:05 - A strike against a strategically vital fuel(?) tank on an empty Beersheva airfield. Good mission: I just dive in, fire a burst and get out.


1956.11.01 11:40 - An even better mission, a recon flight. Not armed recon, just recon, i.e. you complete the objective by simply arriving at the waypoint. There are no cameras or whatever in SF2, which puts it a step below Sid Meier's F-19 Stealth Fighter. From 1989.

- What did you see there?
- I reckon, it's an airfield, and someone hit it with guns.
- How could you tell?
- A hunch. Something to do with the fact, that the airfield is in the exact same location, as the one I attacked a couple of hours ago.
- Oh...

No video, but I spotted something fresh

Both the Spitfire and the F-84F squadrons appeared only in November.


1956.11.01 14:03 - Another intercept, this time they sent two Mysteres with no cover. I took a 3-kill wingman with me in hope of some training, but in the end toasted both targets, before he got his aim straight.
That flight I also found the airbrake lever in the cockpit, and it's a huge red handle right under the throttle. As I suspected, it's impossible not be aware of its position, unless you deliberately try to.

Good news, the tower at the home base has been rebuilt!


1956.11.01 16:10 - The only reason I agreed to fly CAP was the proximity to home. I took the same pilot with me, then we ran into a couple of Mysteres...

Kill reel

Another KIA in the squadron. The title of this campaign should've been "Kiss your ace goodbye"

1956.11.02 08:03

A fighter sweep over an enemy base? I suppose, they want me to get rid of some fighters. Frankly, I'd rather just bomb it.

The mission video

In which ignoring orders is the only sane thing to do

The final roster. There could've been more casualties, if we had more planes to bury them in.

After a day of Kuntilla and Beersheva taking the enemy's second largest city is the only way for the party to get wilder. I'd love to post the campaign ending screen, but it's exactly the same as the one we got in the P-51 campaign. So, here's something I did in Paint in 10 minutes.

P.S. Bonus video, in which we experience an engine fire and GUI perils.