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Part 18: Sub-Season 3B. Red Tide (F-100A Super Sabre)

Sub-Season 3B. Red Tide - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? (F-100A Super Sabre)


Dear Mum,

The last plane I flew was very pleasant and comfortable, despite the fact that the open packet of crisps I took with me got scattered all over the seat and everywhere. There was some screaming in the hangar, but they got most of the crisps out, I think. However, I heard, that the man, who flew that very plane after me, reported his speed as "one potato" and was never heard from again.

This time they said, they'll put me into a plane, that can break something. I hope, it's not a brick wall, because I did that already.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

The B-reel

In which there are some (un)related stories

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1956 in general seems like a bad year to fly in. Oh, and the MiG on the mission video screenshot also had a "56" on its side.

Anyway, the loadout. Not much this time. The F-100A was relatively clean; they added extra hardpoints for bombs and rockets on the F-100C. An unlisted type of ordnance, that the F-100 and many other jets of the age could carry, is a tactical nuke. There are no nukes in SF2.