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Part 20: S03E02: 1956.11.19-20 (Leaking & Vertigo)

S03E02: 1956.11.19-20 (Leaking & Vertigo)

Strewth, our base does have a couple of trees on a taxiway!

We're sent to intercept two MiG-15s on a bombing run. MiG-15 on a bombing run...
WTF is supply 112%? Did someone mistakenly brought us an extra tea set?

I took another 2 planes, and put on the drop tanks, since the game didn't add them. The hardpoints are loaded by default based on the mission type, and not on the actual range to the target.

The mission video

In which there is some coming from behind followed by spillage

One lost plane, but no casualties.

Damn. We're migratory, apparently.

I don't care, that it's another CAP, we've been moved all the way south overnight.
A squadron's AI pilot became an ace before I did.

The new place looks shabbier, too. No sudden trees, at least.

The mission video

In which I was seriously considering adding some carousel music

We lost 4 planes, but there was no drop in squadron strength, and only 2 pilots ended up wounded.

Why don't they call us the Royal Flying Circus?