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Part 22: S03E04: 1956.11.23-30 (69 & DP)

S03E04: 1956.11.23-30 (69 & DP)
And then nothing started happening so furiously, that the game itself skipped a few days. The front line activity died completely.
There were no more MiG-15 bombings, though


A combat air patrol over our own airfield.
The kill reel, with a new face to rearrange

Got promoted to Flying Officer. We won't see many higher rank promotions, because to get them you need to drag the same pilot into many single missions and campaigns.


There was so much nothing going on, they asked me to bomb a runway. I used the speed parity with Fagots to get away without even bothering to engage.

The old-timey 1000-lb bombs really don't suit Hunters


An Il-28 intercept. Our AI mate Ralph Reynolds killed one Il-28 with guns, and 4 seconds later downed another one by ramming, slightly damaging his own plane and suffering no injuries
I had a fire and had to bail out.

Spotted USAF Canberras going completely goth. Well be seeing more of them later.


The hell? At this rate, next time they'll send me to bomb Moscow. Since the target was a fuel tank, I swapped out the bombs for drop tanks, and did it solo.


Another Il-28 raid to prevent.

The D/p reel

One of our better pilots (the non-ace Duke) committed suicide by crashing, or, in fancy talk, performing a CFIT, which stands for "controlled flight into terrain".
The other Duke, who beat me to 5 kills, has been pissing me off for days. Not because of that, though. I take it, that he celebrated his ace status so religiously, that his CND dropped to about 50. It regenerated 2-4 points per turn, and dropped again after that one mission in the previous update. We have wounded pilots, who are in better shape.
Of course, knowing the luck of the squadron aces in my previous campaign, he might be just faking it.


Finally our ground forces get off their blue arses and begin a counter offensive! We do our usual CAP routine.

The mission video

In which we watch other people do the heavy work

Reynolds stays productive.