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Part 23: S03E05: 1956.12.01-07 (Fire & Drizzle)

S03E05: 1956.12.01-07 (Fire & Drizzle)
The war will be over by Christmas, right?


A return to our CAS roots!

The napalm reel

This got me promoted to Flight Lieutenant.


The dangerous fighter sweep reel


The strange encounter on a CAP reel


MiG-15 on the bombing run against Diepholz. *sigh*
The mission went very smoothly, right until we got jumped by a MiG-15bis and a MiG-17 flights on the way home.

The close shave reel

Two planes lost, one pilot wounded.


An escort mission is something we haven't seen yet. We're assigned to prevent the extinction of a pair of Canberras.

The escort service reel

One of our pilots crashed, KIA.


The devastating bombing reel

Another medal! I swear, I didn't report, that my two bombs did all that damage.

We weren't getting any medals flying Egypt, because the medals have to be added for each service separately. EAF is not normally playable, so they had no medals to offer.

I think, I'll do one more update in this campaign, with one more video, regardless of how long this war actually takes. There are only 3 Soviet tank units left on the map and the West is rolling out at least two formations of about 90 tanks each.