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Part 24: S03E06: 1956.12.08-24 (Hunters & Hunters)

S03E06: 1956.12.08-24 (Hunters & Hunters)


A dull CAS mission.


A successful Il-28 intercept. Then I rest a while in the hospital after being set on fire. Savages.


A CAP mission I skipped by walking out of my plane, right after I climbed into the cockpit. The ground forced were taking a day off, too.


A fighter sweep. The ground offensive is back on track.

The last fight of Hunter F.4. A darn good fight.

One pilot went MIA. Five kills for me. Plt. Off. Reynolds did it again.
A visiting officer bumped into Ralph one day - fourteen stitches and a broken wall. We told Ralph, he shouldn't taxi his Hunter through the base johns on the way to the hangars. He nodded and took another swig.

We switch to a new type, because we aren't killing things efficiently enough, possibly.
Despite getting an upgrade, we still receive the same number of planes we had. It's like they delivered only the conversion kits, and our entire unit spent a whole afternoon changing the wings and the engines.


A CAP mission I use show off the new toy. Reynolds left for a brief medical check up.

The Hunter F.6 presents us with a range of loadout options unworthy of an interceptor.

The new old chap

Well, that was awkward. Another hospital visit, but no fatalities. We return to our scheduled broadcasting.


A dawn sweep mission, in which our first ace Allen Duke bought the farm. He knew it was coming, and even the new type couldn't save him.
However Graham Crossley got his fifth kill on that flight, so we still have a gun-using ace. Also, the doctors brought Reynolds back the other day, and said he was sane, while undoing the padded straitjacket.


I also took the time to snap some pics of other squadrons' aces


A CAP flight during which nothing of interest happened.


An Il-28 intercept followed by a promotion to Squadron Leader.


A fighter sweep. The final showdown.

The mission video
A good cover for a Pigface album?

The final performance evaluation.

Something tells me that this campaign was rushed. The art recycling is lazy, the caption is lazy, the editing of the said caption is lazy as fuck.
However, we're finally done with the expansions, and the developer had more time to flesh out the later campaigns.

Our final roster. Bader was shot down and captured in the very last mission, so he'll receive his ace honours when he returns from the tour of Berlin.
Ralph Reynolds got his ace status, but never saw a promotion. He doesn't care, for as long as he's wearing the fighting trousers.