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Part 25: Vote #2

For the 1962 Red Thunder campaign
The brief summary of options is provided in the supplied informational video. And the text below.

The winner will get a 5(ish)-episode season, while the losers will get one episode each.

You're choosing a plane to fight yet another Evil Soviet invasion!

Last minute addition to make things more interesting, not in the video!
USAF F-105D Thunderchief

+ Air-to-Air search radar
+ Air-to-Ground radar
+ Can (on a good day) go Mach 1 at ground level (well, not literally), where the air is the most dense. Not an easy feat for the F-100.
+ 2 Sidewinders
+ M61 Vulcan is a never-jamming Gatling cannon.

- Doesn't turn
- Doesn't brake
- 2 Sidewinders
- 2 Sidewinders
- Bombing by the seat of pants at Mach 1 is not for the faint of heart, and F-105 gets a lot of bombing assignments

Now you're choosing a plane to fight yet another Evil Soviet invasion!
Vote in BOLD: F-100D, Lightning F.1, Hunter FGA.9 or F-105D.

I'll leave it open for about 48 hours.

Lightning ====
F-100     ========
F-105     =============
The Century Series are the favourites this time, especially the ones with larger numbers.

So, in order of increasing complexity the videos will go in the sequence of Hunter, F-100, Lightning and the F-105 campaign.