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Part 32: S04E04: 1962.10.31-1962.11.07 (Tape Measurement Medallist)

S04E04: 1962.10.31-1962.11.07 (Tape Measurement Medallist)

The war entered the dull lull phase. Both sides sit on their bums, tossing bombs. The Red offensive ended, and we can't really lose the war now.
Our squadron tends to get the short straw in destroying runways. I try to re-roll missions many times, but it usually cycles me through taking out fuel tanks, runways or air defences on 3 or 4 bases. A CAP assignment would've been fun. This update is 100% Strike.


Runway. I have a procedure for this brand of targets now. No wingmen, three drop tanks, two Mk.82s. Do one pass along the runway and run away. Same deal with the fuel tanks, only I leave the bombs back home, and use the gun. The missions take under 5 minutes of real time.


Fuel tank. Tearing through a bundle of closely-set fuel tanks with the Vulcan netted me a Silver Star.

By the way, the pilot's gender in these papers never changes. You can't even specify the gender when creating a new pilot.


You gotta be shitting me! Regardless, they have a runway, to which we need to apply our landscape design skills.

The mission video

In which we look down a bit, at last

The Smiths hammered that base pretty hard.


Runway. I hit it with both bombs, but suddenly that wasn't enough to kill it. Neither was a gun pass. So, I failed this one.


Oil tank. This got Flash Storm promoted to First Lieutenant.


No idea, what the target was. Got into the cockpit, took a nap, got out.


Fuel tank. A slightly more interesting generic strike mission.

The mission video.

In which our enemy's worst enemy is their design bureaus

Apparently, this in enough for...