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Part 35: Vote #3

For the 1965-1968 Rolling Thunder campaign
The brief summary of options is provided in the supplied informational video.

The 2 winners will get 5(ish)-episode seasons, while the losers will get one episode each.

You're choosing a plane to uhh... bomb the crap out of some country!

Again, in this vote 2 options win, and you need to vote for 2 different ones in your vote post.

Vote in BOLD: A-4B, A-7A, F-105D or F-4B+F-8C (dual updates).

I'll leave it open for about 48 hours.

P.S. A word of warning. I didn't find a handy time chart of the USN squadrons and carriers on station during the Rolling Thunder. The developer actually coded in the fact, that some carriers leave with their squadrons, and come back later. However, the very same developer couldn't find the time to code this as a break in squadron operations, and instead the engine treats the player unit's disappearance, as if your airfield got taken over. It simply terminates the campaign. The most ludicrous instance happens in one of the Linebackers: some squadrons go home after one mission. I don't remember, which ones
I'm just saying that, so no one gets surprised, if I suddenly have to restart a campaign.

P.P.S. Another word of warning. There's no CAS, no Intercept and no CAP in SF2 Nam. All missions are offensive and take place in the North. There is no ground war, and no active front line.

P.P.P.S. Before anyone asks, there won't be any more double features, but there will be three winners (and three votes to cast) in the final, 1979, vote.

Errata: A-7 gets the HUD and CCIP in a later 1969 A-7C model. To cover it up, I'll sneak that bird into the A-7A show.

F-105 NONE
A-4   ==============
A-7   ===========
From this we learn, that real men fly light attack, and not many can bear the Short Little Ugly Fucker. Yes, that's the A-7's nickname.

The order will be:
1. The F-4 + F-8 campaign.
2. The F-105 episode
3. The A-7A/A-7C episode
4. The A-4B campaign.