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Part 40: S05E05: 1968 (A Realistic Outcome)

S05E05: 1968 (A Realistic Outcome)


Go there, shoot MiGs - got it!

The mission video

In which I swear, I wasn't hanging a Chekhov's gun in the first episode of the season

Just like in the action movies, he had only one day till retirement.

With the RoE on, the AI barely ever gets to use the AIM-7. For now.

The roster

The medal, earned through supreme asshattery. But you can get it without dying, too.

Now, since the F-8C run is done, let's pretend our Quincey McGraw, while not flying the Navy missions, was moonlighting with the USMC.

Armed recon in the rain. It's nice on the developer's part not to inform the player about the weather.

An air-to-ground mission is not that bad, all the loadout options considered.

The mission video

In which the Frescos are still dicks

Another common end to this campaign.

There's something I didn't use once in the entire flight. Can you see it?

And finally, the defeat screen.

Go ahead and compare the text to the text of the win screen in the previous update. I'll wait here.

The victory and the defeat pictures of this campaign actually resemble an attempt at artwork. The models are manually placed, the people are visible, the flags are... there. These pictures hail back to Wings Over Vietnam, which was also the last TW game to have some unique visual design in the menus. After that it's generic lists with swapped background screenshots all the way.

We're not done with Nam just yet. Merry Frescos, and may a low-flying Satan dump a juicy Walleye down your chimney.