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Part 42: Sub-Season 6B. Rolling Thunder (A-7A Corsair II)

Sub-Season 6B. Rolling Thunder - The Lord Baldrick (A-7A Corsair II, also featuring A-7C Corsair II)


Dear Mum,

The people, who captured me, were very kind, and helped me to diet for a year. I didn't like the diet that much, but they insisted, and I did lose all the weight I gained. Then the guys broke me out again, because they needed me to fly a plane, whose nickname "perfectly matched" my description. I'm really excited to meet it!

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

One new addition to the arsenal seems interesting, so I'm grabbing that.

The B-reel #1

In which I might sound a tad bitter

The B-reel #2

In which we're taking all the flak

I'll start on Skyhawk in the new year.