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Part 46: S06E04: 1968 (Plague of Locusts)

S06E04: 1968 (Plague of Locusts)


SEAD doesn't scare me any more. Especially when I'm not the one doing it.

The mission video

In which I keep droning on about fun things not in the game

Everybody took a bite. The one gun kill was scored by Kevin Alvarez.
And Schumacher is KIA due to crashing. Not the real one, our Schumacher.

The roster

Next episode I'll grab the A-4C for a more refined experience. Although, my memory screwed up, and the C doesn't yet have the 4 wing hardpoints.


Oh, and the thing I was rambling about? Here's an info page, in particular this one. Be aware, that the text is stylized to suddenly scream in your ear in the middle of sentences, almost on the level of that Time Cube page.