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Part 50: S07E03: 1967.06.07-08 (Day Three & Four)

S07E03: 1967.06.07-08 (Day Three & Four - Slow Days Are Here Again)


Everything is still, no movement on the front(s). Even the game acknowledges this and gives us only an escort mission.

The mission video

In which the French beats the British

Not bad, but Yoel Raz started the mission by crashing and is now KIA.



CAS. Another comeback, since Vietnam was 100% CAS-free.

The mission video

In which a centurion walks on water

Everyone had an approved dose of fun.


Fighters weep, again. Israel tires to roll into Bethlehem. Only one thing is worth showing.

The kill reel

Sometimes the coin lands on its side, singing "Hava Nagila".


I'm sick of gunnery and tank busting, so I bomb a runway.
In the process I discover, that runways can be damaged and "killed" by rockets. That is all.