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Part 53: Season 8. Red Hammer (Lightning F.3)

Season 8. Red Hammer - Supercruising For a Bruising (Lightning F.3)

A summer campaign in Germany? Good! Maybe, the weather will be better this time.
The background art was the "desert airfield" one.

S08E01: 1968.08.23 (Getting Nowhere Fast)

Scramble is fitting for the first mission in an interceptor campaign. They want us dead on the first day. Perhaps, we're a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps, they are calling targets by throwing darts at the map, blindfolded. Our pilot, Earl "Grey" Assam, is not excited about getting his hands dirty just before lunch.

"Variety" is not in the Lightning's vocabulary.

The roster has a Reynolds. I have high hopes for more hand-to-hand kills.

The mission video

In which a special set of rules is outlined

Desmond "Assassin's D'oh!" Simpson is dead. Reynolds is KIA, too. No, he wasn't the pilot, who tried to chase a Beagle without any weapons. That was Drake, and he survived, somehow.

So, 24 hours starts now-ish. Guns or missiles for the next update?