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Part 59: S09E02: 1968.08.23-24 (Laser Pointer of Doom)

S09E02: 1968.08.23-24 (Laser Pointer of Doom)


Farmers are coming, did you bring your CAP?

The mission video?

The mission video

In which I'm not really sure, where I was going with all that rambling

That's how you do it! More or less...


I forgot to screenshot the map. We're sent to stop some tanks squeaking their way towards Hamburg.

The mission video

In which the episode earns its title

We could've done it better, and with fewer losses.

As things stand, however, our roster has gaps

No prisoners, no wounded. If someone got shot down during these four missions, they're either perfectly fine, or dead.

Now for a little side episode, and off to... another Phantom. There's always another Phantom.


Soup Inspector posted:

Anyway, another difference between the Air Force and Navy Phantom was that the latter had an extendable nose gear to ensure it was at the correct angle for take off. The Royal Navy's Phantom had a double extendable nose gear because RN carriers were smaller (and I imagine the RN Phantom - being powered by the Rolls Royce Spey and hence on the underpowered side - probably needed the extra boost). I'm not sure if this counts as a "generic" difference, though.

Triggerhappypilot posted:

Oh yeah, another difference between the Air Force and Navy phantoms is that the early Air Force Phantoms had a second set of basic aircraft controls for the backseater so that he could do simple things like landing the plane or holding a course. Of course, with better autopilot systems, this role became entirely unnecessary and he was then replaced with a WSO just like in the Navy phantoms.