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Part 60: Bonus 1: A Floral Arrangement

Bonus 1: A Floral Arrangement
Alternate titles: "Flipping Off the Guns" or "Plane Dismemberment Special".
A few AI-only planes added with DLC packs did not make an appearance in the earlier campaigns. Mission editor to the rescue!

I have to warn, though, that if you for some reason prefer hearing me talk about stuff to guns firing and things exploding, there isn't much commentary. There's some, but there isn't a lot in terms of new tech to speak of.

Dogfight 1

In which guns are everywhere

Dogfight 2

In which the guns go out with a bang

Now, someone here *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* wanted to say something interesting about the hardships of A2A radar development. That'd be a very handy addition after the next episode.