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Part 61: Season 10. Linebacker I (F-4J Phantom II)

Season 10. Linebacker I - Across Her Nose, Not Up It! (F-4J Phantom II)

Linebacker I (and II) offer the same old Nam campaign routine, only both sides have slightly upgraded their arsenals.

S10E01: 1972.05.08-10 (Jesus AIM-9H Christ)


Escorting a few Intruders into the thick of it.

Ah, another round of upgrades for familiar weapons. We shall sample the new arrivals.

Let's see, how far I can take these jokers in four missions. It's peculiar, that the lowest ranks have the most kills here.

The mission video

In which there's a massive lecture

The ultimate pure-bred USN Sidewinder enjoys slaughter.


Recon, aka "reach the waypoint", can be exciting, right?

The mission video

In which everyone keeps whining about that Sam chap

Meh. But it's not like we were supposed to kill anyone at all.

Our first case of fanart

Galaga Galaxian posted:

One more and you're an ace!

Selenic isn't kidding about some Chinese variants/derivatives of the J-6 barely looking like MiG-19s anymore.


Nanchang Q-5 "Fantan"

And some Navy humour

The Casualty posted:

This update pleases me immensely

I didn't mention it when I threw this pilot name in the pile, but Don "Dingle" Berry was my first CO when I was in the Navy. Just for the record, virtually nobody in the Navy has an intimidating or cool-sounding callsign like in the movies. Every pilot gets their callsign assigned to them, usually for something embarrassing.

Callsigns like:
- Itchy (got crabs in Bangkok)
- Beavis/ Butthead (Pilot/ WSO team known for their taste in thrash metal, annoying laughter)
- Bunyan (once ejected over a forest, his aircraft chopped down many trees)
- Upchuck (use your imagination!)
- Meat (accused of "meat-gazing" in the ready room)
- Juarren (Mr. Warren once came about 5 seconds from accidentally dropping a bomb on Mexican soil, so his callsign got some Latin flare)
- Fudd (a wascawwy West Virginian)
- Snap (broke his leg in a "training incident" involving a sixer of beer and a Vespa)
- Ninofor (pronounced 904, the error code for a Hornet which has landed too hard and needs maintenance. He 904'd four times in one month, which takes practice.)

These are just some of the ones I remember! There were other pretty absurd ones.