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Part 62: S10E02: 1972.05.12-14 (Hungry For Jam)

S10E02: 1972.05.12-14 (Hungry For Jam)


There's a bridge we need to turn back into a LEGO kit.

The mission video

In which some things insist on never changing

Wait, what did I hit?

Not the mission video

In which SA-2F's dirty secret is revealed


Escort for a coastal strike? Whatever gets me away from SAM.
Actually, the game really wanted us to fly to that target area on this day. I re-rolled the mission at least ten times.

The mission video

In which frigging ninjas are everywhere

You can't say I didn't try.

With all that our 4-mission roster looks like this:

Enough of the Phantom. Here's the ending. The campaign reuses the screens we saw at the end of the Rolling Thunder. The text, not affected by the player's performance is:

The last paragraph gives me the strangest feeling of deja vu.
And yes, if you're playing this, you're expected to endure constant SA-2F bombardment from May to October. If you're lucky, you might dodge a hundred launches each month. Now imagine doing the the same on F-105 with the MFers on your tail.