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Part 63: Season 11. Linebacker II (F-8J Crusader et al.)

Season 11. Linebacker II - Goons For Hire, Thugs For Rent (F-8J Crusader et al.)

S11E01: 1972.12.18 (The Other Side)

The campaign intro, and the pre-mission mercenary preparations are shown in a one-time-only menu video

The menu video

Now, that that's done...

The fucked up mission video

In which we walk a mile in NVAF shoes

The proper mission video

In which everything goes slightly better

The post-mission menu video

Errata: a success is worth 1000 points or 10 000 in money.

I'll be going out with two other planes for support. We have a choice of flying coffins to buy for the wingmen. I'll stay on the Crusader, but what should I get them from that list?
No, I can't put the AI into the AI-only planes, as that was too much of an effort to code.