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Part 64: S11E02: 1972.12.19-20 (Contrast Shower)

S11E02: 1972.12.19-20 (Contrast Shower)


Last time we hunted some B-52s, that were passing by. Today we actually have them as the target.

I grabbed an F-4D, because it can use up the USAF Sidewinders, and an F-4J. I had to pay only for the F-4D, because for some reason the game had deposited one F-4J into our storage. I know, I bought one for the previous mission, but it was trashed. Where did the new one come from?

The mission video

In which the Phantoms are surprisingly agile

Where is my gun kill, you piece of shitty code?
Two is KIA, but Three ejected without a scratch.

Finally, this is what happens, if you lose different variants of the same type.

Still better, than dealing with F-4D and F4D.


They want me to fly recon over an American base? Fine... All things considered, anywhere outside of North Vietnam is probably safer, than on our home runway.

We have another freebie F-4J in our hangar
Che puts "Haunted!" signs around it and orders something different.

The mission video

In which we feel the blues

For our heroic deeds we get an "Outstanding Success" and $20,000.

If I get another mission like that, I might take a less armed and more useless wingman. Something, like the Harrier GR.1, which can't carry any Sidewinders and in air combat is on par with the Hunter.