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Part 65: S11E03: 1972.12.20-21 (Money, And How Not To Do It)

S11E03: 1972.12.20-21 (Money, And How Not To Do It)


We're back to patrolling hell.

The mission video

In which I remember another thing not in SF2

The outtake video

Yes, it was too early to ditch the guns.

For this we got paid $4,500. You might be puzzled, why the reward for taking out two random A-7s is higher, than the reward for three random B-52s in the first episode. How to put it... when it comes to scores and being paid just for kills, SF2 counts only the things you kill personally. The reward for the first mission was the payment for the one B-52 I gunned down. The other two, shot down by the late wingmen? No payment for those. But I still have to fork out dosh for all planes and ordnance.


Shortly before dawn Che hurried to the hangar, nervously unwrapping his cigar. A new ethereal F-4J did not appear. The curse was lifted. With a sigh of relief Che turned around, lit up, and was about to leave, when he noticed, that the second French F-8E, lost on the previous day, was back in its parking space. Free. Blue. Smug. Ready to go. Looking at his shaking hands and the cigar, smouldering on his polished boot, Che decided, that a combat mission on that morning was absolutely out of the question.

More recon. It's time to take the most useless planes with me.

The mission video

In which absolutely nothing happens, and we get paid for it

Another $20,000. The merc mode hates the player, and offers the best pay for the least fun.