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Part 68: Vote #4

For the 1973 Yom Kippur War campaign

This campaign has a bit of a historical gimmick. Egypt deploys a brand new Soviet SAM system.
a) It has a radar, that can easily track you at treetop level, and sometimes lower.
b) It carries more missiles than SA-2.
c) Its missiles tend to guide, and have home-on-jam.
d) At the start of the war your RWR has no info about the new radar. So, you get a tracking warning, but no launch warning.
e) Most Israeli planes don't even have any RWR installed until the mid-war upgrades.

The brief summary of options is provided in the supplied informational video.

The winner will get a 5(ish)-episode season, while the losers will get one episode each.

You're choosing a plane to fight an Evil Arab invasion!

Vote in BOLD: A-4H, Nesher, or F-4E.

I'll leave it open for about 48 hours.

A-4H   =========
Nesher ======
F-4E   ==
The Skyhawk wins, thank fuck. You got me scared there with mass voting for the Nesher initially.

So, I'll start with the PhantomKurnass, then show the Fall of the House of Nesher, and then get on with the chosen one.