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Part 69: Sub-Season 12A. Yom Kippur War (F-4E Kurnass)

Sub-Season 12A. Yom Kippur War - A Manly Chin (F-4E Kurnass)


Dear Mum,

I haven't written to you lately, as the guys had sent me on a special mission to walk from the jungle to the desert I'm currently in. It took me a few years, but on the way I got to see penguins and polar bears! At last I'm at the new location, and this time they told me my gentle touch is needed to fly something big and heavy.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

The loadout is nothing fancy, and we're missing half of the stuff, because the US won't give it to us. Oddly, the Israeli F-4E carries the USN Sidewinders. Perhaps Shafrir-2 is liquid-cooled.

The B-reel #1

In which the enemies line up to die

I tried to skip forward to the upgrade, but the campaign ended due to Egypt taking Tel Aviv. I got a special fail screen saying, that Israel ceases to exist, which I failed to take a shot of, as I wasn't ready for a different ending text.

Then I picked the only squadron, that starts the war on upgraded Phantoms, and...

Shrikes? That's the only extra they have at this point? Right, I'm heading to single mission mode.

MUCH better.

The B-reel #2

In which nothing on the ground is safe


chktshadeclaw posted:

I realize it's just a side-note, but the Tu-4 didn't actually have random holes drilled in it. The Soviet engineers reverse-engineered it from three or four captured B-29s, so even if one had holes, they could have checked it against the others.
Oh, well, I remembered running into this yarn a few times.


Cooked Auto posted:

Speaking of gunpods on an F-4, here's one with 15 of them.