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Part 70: Sub-Season 12B. Yom Kippur War (Nesher)

Sub-Season 12B. Yom Kippur War - A Red-Hot Poker Up My Ass (Nesher)


Dear Mum,

After my outstanding success with the huge ugly plane some wondered, where I got those guns and missiles. I told them, that I had no idea: the things just popped onto our wings. They wanted me to repeat the miracle, so now they send me out on a different plane with one guy for observation. I hope, I'll be able to attract more missiles today!

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

I suppose, Nesher can carry things.

The B-reel

In which not much happens, but at least we're done with this plane

Do not despair. The first Skyhawk recordings already have more action in a shorter time frame.