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Part 72: S11E02: 1973.10.08-12 (Miscellaneous)

S11E02: 1973.10.08-12 (Miscellaneous)


A run of the mill CAS flight. I won't bother with a video of this one, nothing of interest happened, except...
I summoned a help flight, and got 8 Mirages, which brings me to the subject of historical aces in campaigns.

That's 1-1 to 1-4. We got four out of Israel's top seven aces, and the deadliest of them all, Major Epstein, is flying as 1-4.
The other four spawned Mirages had no kills at all.

Anyway, stuff was killed on the ground, enemy stopped

1973.10.08 Don't start this again, Israel.

Let's go bomb stuff in the mountains.

The mission video

In which I have a bad miss

I'm not sure, you can lose a rank, if you keep going into negatives. Never seen that.


CAS! Fantastic, I haven't had any CAS since last morning!

The fuck-this-game video

In which a deadly enemy strikes


I skipped the previous mission and a few others, because either the front line was static, or Israel was attacking, and I'm not risking ending this war too early.

Can't these tanks do anything without support? Wait, last time we had Shermans vs. T-55, we'd better check up on them.

The mission video

In which we scratch their back

The method proved efficient, but I don't have the nerve to use it all the time. Also, this got our hero promoted to Lieutenant.


The front line finally gives in. Let's reinforce it, before it gets completely broken.

The mission video

In which I leave only the best part

The best kind of kill.


Armed Recon? I don't care where, I'll take it.

The outtake video

The mission video

In which we mostly evade stuff

It feels better, when you don't get shot down. By the way, both of our casualties so far are KIA.