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Part 73: S11E03: 1973.10.13-16 (The Many Ways To Fail)

S11E03: 1973.10.13-16 (The Many Ways To Fail) or (The Ace Summoner)

Once again I skip a few missions here and there. I don't fly, when there is no front line movement, and when Israel is on the offensive.


But I don't wanna go to fucking Suez again!

The mission video

In which bombing is no longer relevant

I'm certain, the only target I can't easily take out this way are the airbase ammo bunkers, which are small and have lots of HP.


Armed recon? Is there anything new you can offer?

Well, that's new. We get a shipment of almost all the fancy missiles we've been lacking so far.

The mission video

In which I'd love some backstory

The Sidewinder is back in business.

The same day, the same-ish area, a different battle for us to ruin.

The mission video

In which I bury a wingman prematurely

Yeah, he wasn't killed. A pilot on our next recorded mission got KIA, though.

After spraying the entire tank unit with bomblets I somehow scored a kill. Unbelievable.


SEAD on a non-upgraded Skyhawk. I also forgot to take the jammer.

The mission video

In which it's that time again

The time when everybody does bugger all


The Syrian front has been mostly slow and quiet so far. Now they attack under the cover of weather and terrain.

The mission video

In which... just watch

On the one hand, they all are idiots. On the other hand, at least today they tried.