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Part 75: S11E05: 1973.10.21 (The Hunchback of Negev)

S11E05: 1973.10.21 (The Hunchback of Negev)

Previously, we got our Maverick upgrade.
Our Flying Dragon Squadron received it on the last day of the war, two missions away from the scripted ending.

Today I keep saying, that the M113s have the Vulcan on them, while the Egyptian ones actually carry the 23mm Soviet gun.

The blue unit at Port Said goes to war.

The mission video

In which some days you just can't get rid of the wingman

In case you're wondering, where 1-3 had vanished, the log tells me, he crashed early in the mission and went MIA.

And the for final mission...

SEAD! if you watch the video carefully, you'll see that we clear the defences, while no strike takes place in the target area. In other words, we're sent to waste time.

The mission video

In which we say goodbye to Suez

No losses, surprisingly enough. Which leaves our roster at...

...being half-dead.

Indeed, Egypt starts to drift away from the Soviet sphere of influence, and later on even buys some of the more modern Western weapons.
This leads to much hilarity, as this game does not support the shift of allegiances, so if you generate a single mission in Israel in the early 80s, you might get jumped by the Egyptian Phantoms, with Sparrows and shit...