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Part 78: Season 13. Red Lightning (F-15A Eagle)

Season 13. Red Lightning - An Office On the Top Floor (F-15A Eagle)

The previous German campaigns were tied to historical events. This one offers a spontaneous combustion.

S13E01: 1979.09.26-27 (Flyswatter)


Some tanks are coming. We're to decimate their air support, using...

A2A upgrades all around, but, when it comes to A2G, the Eagle is a simple bomber.

Our Gorillas with some free kills

The mission video

In which the enemy is rapidly running out of planes

Estes scores 6 kills in one mission


The ground war is stopped for the day, but I still fly.

The mission video

In which we see their final form

Two missions in, and we have three aces, including our hero.