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Part 80: S13E03: 1979.10.03-06 (Slow and Steady)

S13E03: 1979.10.03-06 (Slow and Steady)


Now that's an area I haven't seen in a long time.

The mission video

In which the patent law is the worst thing ever

I'd say, a reasonable amount of ass was kicked in retaliation.
After all those medals, our pilot got his first promotion.

Nothing keeps happening until...


There's trouble brewing in Hamburg. We head out to oversee said brewing.

The mission video

In which it's not copying, if you don't admit it

Oh, look, who forced three guys to chase a MiG with guns, and didn't fire a single missile himself

Another mission or two, and the F-15 will have more campaign kills than the previous record holders.