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Part 81: S13E04: 1979.10.07-10 (Eagle-coloured Skies)

S13E04: 1979.10.07-10 (Eagle-coloured Skies)

How about another sore throat update? Haven't done that in a few months... Don't panic, I scrub my audio very hard.


Picked another intercept, because we get to see a brand new and fairly rare target.

The mission video

In which the weather is back to normal

My Sparrows being more efficient than the AIM-9L is a bit odd.
Also, where are my medals? Did the in-game USAF run out of shiny stuff to give?


The Reds have this strange fascination with Bad Hersfeld, and keep pounding at it for two days in a row. I understand, it's a spa resort, but, comrades, you have the hot springs of Karlovy Vary at your disposal.

The mission video

In which I spy another display of stupidity

Putting the madness in the last minute aside, look at the stats. In particular look at the way 1-3 used his Sidewinders